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Multimedia Entertainment Producer

Animal Jam – Marketing and Licensing

Animal Jam – Marketing and Licensing

Worked as an intern for WildWorks’s Marketing and Licensing departments. Job responsibilities included:

  • Analyzing data from Google Analytics and our advertising partners to suggest plans for conversion optimization.
  • Organizing spreadsheets of product data and funneling that data into a tool to be used by our licensees.
  • Creating pamphlets and memos on game functionality and lore for use by licensees and other partners.
  • Designing and publishing our branded Amazone Store page.
  • Using Unity to capture screenshots and in-game footage for use by our social media team.
  • Designing social media video production pipelines and organizations.
  • Clerical work assisting the directors of Marketing and Licensing.

Tools Used: Unity 5.6, Photoshop CC 2017, Adobe Acrobat, iMeet, Microsoft Word and Office, other assorted tools developed in-house.

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