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Video Game Producer

Hip Hop Weapon Swap – GGJ 2018 Game

Hip Hop Weapon Swap – GGJ 2018 Game

For Global Game Jam 2018, I joined up with a team of 12 developers and made a twin-stick co-op bullet hell called Hip Hop Weapon Swap! The core design element of this game was that we wanted to encourage two players on a couch to communicate with each other in order to survive. So we made it so that there were only two guns and one healing item that had to be swapped between the players via simultaneous button presses. If a player was low on health and didn’t have the bottle, they’d have to ask for it in real life and get it thrown to them. If a player had the blue gun and faced a hoard of red enemies, they’d need to throw the blue gun at the same time that they’re partner threw the red one.

I served as the Producer and Designer on this project, and also did some UI/UX design work. You can download the game and view team and project details on the Global Game Jam website.

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