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Retake – Prototype Game

Retake – Prototype Game

RETAKE is a game about spreading life and the challenges that come with it. Players clean up pollution, grow various plants that have different effects on the environment, keep their plants watered, and be conscious about planting things in areas with enough light and space.

The demo we created contained the initial sewer level and the first part of the cityscape for players to explore. It had the framework for all of the game mechanics, including several growable plants.

This game was made as part of the curriculum for the University of Utah’s Entertainment Arts and Engineering program’s Alternative Game Development course taught by Professor Alex Johnstone.
Development ran from January to May of 2016.
This game was made in Unity 5.1.4. Assets were made using Autodesk Maya, Adobe Photoshop, Pixologic ZBrush, Unity MonoDevelop, and Microsoft Visual Studio. Source control done with GitHub and SourceTree.

The team:

Kelley Schaefer – Creator and Programmer
Jarom “Solar” Norris – Producer
Cody Black – Technical Artist and Sound
Jordan Runyan – Programmer
Luke Alexander – Programmer
Chris Daugherty – 3D Environment Artist
John Radford – 3D Artist
Indy Price – 2D Artist