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Video Game Producer

Shadowscrapers: Puzzle Game for Android and iOS

Shadowscrapers: Puzzle Game for Android and iOS

Shadowscrapers is an isometric puzzle-platformer for mobile devices, released on April 25, 2017. In a world where shadows are as solid as the objects that cast them, you must use light and shadow to traverse the sky-scraping rooftops of a grand city.

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Jarom is currently the producer on this project, which is currently working on bug fixes and content updates. He’s in charge of coordinating team goals on a sprint and release date timetable and presenting the progress of each sprint to stakeholders. He manages the publishing of the game and the store pages on Google Play and the App Store. He operates the Sky Pulse business, which publishes the game, and he also ran the successful Kickstarter campaign. He also acts as the community manager, running the social media¬†and responding to emails, reviews, and bug fixes. He also assists with the level design, art direction, programming, and website design.

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Shadowscrapers currently has an average rating of 4.7/5 and is a finalist for a TERMINUS Golden Joystick Award.